Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our website. Please take some time to review the terms of use.

1. Terms.

www.HellenicTastes.gr reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the current terms and conditions of transactions made through its e-shop, in accordance with current needs and transactional norms. www.HellenicTastes.gr undertakes the responsibility to inform users of any modifications and changes of any kind through the e-shop’s website. Any changes in terms and conditions do not apply to orders already placed.

2. Information and Products Provided

www.HellenicTastes.gr ensures the thoroughness and validity of the information provided on its website, regarding both the constitutive characteristics of every available product described and the accuracy of information provided on its e-shop services, on proviso of any technical or printing errors that may have eluded its attention or been randomly brought about due to temporary downtime of the website or other force majeure.

3. Limited Liability

www.HellenicTastes.gr does not guarantee the availability of its products, but does guarantee the timely notice of end customers regarding their non-availability. www.HellenicTastes.gr is liable for any malice, malpractice and negligence in the event of delayed delivery of ordered products, as well as information and services provided on its website. The www.HellenicTastes.gr e-shop is not liable for any technical issues its clients may experience at or during any attempt to access its website, relevant to the operation and compatibility of their own medium used. Furthermore, www.HellenicTastes.gr is not liable for deeds and oversights of third parties, in particular unwarranted interventions of third parties in products, services and information provided through the website.

4. Copyright

The full and entire content on www.HellenicTastes.gr is the intellectual property of the company protected by the relevant Greek and international legislation and copyright law. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all files, logos, the www.HellenicTastes.gr layout, programs, images, graphics and commercial and financial records. It does not include copyright of third parties, such as collaborating parties. The full or partial copy, distribution, storage, reproduction, republishing, relay, alteration, modification and any other action on the company’s property and products are prohibited without the express written consent of the company. Any contravening acts can constitute a breach of our company’s industrial rights and copyright. The company reserves all its legally provided rights to claim indemnity for any incidental, consequential or other damages incurred

5. Data and transactions security

Our company takes all the necessary measures (data encryption etc) for the seamless security of all personal data and transactions. Clients’ data are not made known to third parties and during the client’s time spent on our website, they remain encrypted and not visible by unauthorized third parties. Encryption is in effect during all stages and procedures of transactions and communication of personal data and information to and from www.HellenicTastes, such as Add to Basket purchases, wish lists, the page of your personal account (log in), the order form, the relay of data to and from the company etc. The codes used for your identification are: I) your email or username and II) your secret password. Both ensure fully secure access to your personal data. The only party who has access to your personal data is yourself and you are solely responsible for maintaining their privacy from third parties. In the event of a breach or loss of data you will have to notify us promptly, otherwise the company is not liable for any unauthorized use of your data by third parties. For security reasons, we recommend that you frequently change the aforementioned codes and avoid using the same or easily detectable codes, using, if possible, not only letters and numbers, but symbols as well.

6. Data Protection

During your visit to the www.HellenicTastes pages, you may be asked to divulge personal information. such as your name, occupation, email address, shipping address etc, so that we can carry out your order. All personal data divulged on our web pages and services are kept solely for the purposes of transactions, B2C communication, the improvement and optimal operation of our services. They are prohibited for use by third parties (save for legal use by the competent authorities, as provided by law). In any event, the www.HellenicTastes operators who can access your data are a specified few and access is prohibited without prior authorization. All feasible measures to protect your data have been taken. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, feedback or suggestions by using the contact form provided in the following link: https://hellenictastes.gr/contact/. The client reserves the right to be informed on and object to further processing of their data, in accordance with the relevant law for data protection.

7. Product Purchase

We aim to deliver the final product to you with the fewest possible mouse clicks. If you are looking for something specific, Use the Search button to lead you directly to your item. www.HellenicTastes.gr spares no effort to provide high quality services. Nevertheless, cases of errors in prices and secondary features of products may occur. Moreover, temporary ceases in the operation of our website and human error in typing prices cannot be ruled out. To ensure the safety and conclusion of your order, we urge that, upon finding a product offered at an unusually high or low price, you contact Customer Service at 6971619987 or through the respective email form on our website, before you proceed to the order. Upon placement of your order, you will receive an automatically generated email message, detailing your order. After the www.HellenicTastes.gr electronic purchases department has processed your order, you will receive a second email message, confirming the product/s for delivery. In the event of any pending orders, you will receive a relevant email message. Alternatively, we will contact you on the telephone numbers you have provide on your account or during the placement of your order on our website. There is no way to deactivate these notifications, which constitute an integral part of receiving the end product. We request that you ensure these messages can reach you and that you store them throughout our transaction. It is your responsibility to promptly notify us in case you do not receive these messages.

8. Product Returns-Replacements

You reserve the right to return your delivered product within 15 calendar days and ask for its replacement with another product or size. We point out that the dispatch date of the returned product to determine the time elapsed is the one written on the courier’s receipt slip. The return procedure is simple and can take place following telephone contact with us at 6971619987. In short, the replacement procedure is as follows: you dispatch the product to be replaced via courier service without added delivery costs. Upon receipt of the product, we conduct a check to see if it qualifies for replacement. If it does, we send you the new product. The cost of the new product is 5 Euro when delivered by courier and is paid by you. In any event, returned products must be in their original state. This means that: 

a. they should not have any wear and tear and their packaging should be the original

b. they should be in perfect condition (with their box or wrapping)

c. they should be accompanied by all the relevant documents they were first delivered (e.g. Receipt, Invoice etc)

d. for foods, the packaging should be sealedIf the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled, you can send it to us for replacement. If they are not, we reserve the right to decline return. It is noted that returned products must be sent to Kolokotroni 33, TK 57001, Thermi-Thessaloniki via courier and payable by the recipient. Should a client return the product to a different address, there will be a 5Euro additional charge for redirection to the correct address.

9. Order cancellation – Waiver Right

You can cancel your order in the following instances.

a. Before the dispatch of the product – Cancellation is made by email at info@hellenictastes.gr or telephone at 6971619987. If you cancel your order after it has been dispatched, you are liable to pay a 5Euro return charge

b. After you have received your product, you may waiver it within 15 calendar days from the date of receipt. 

It is noted that all the aforementioned terms regarding the condition of the product upon return should apply. Within 15 days from the day of receipt, you can return the product and receive a refund. The refund is paid at the purchase cost of the product on the purchase date, with a 5Euro deduction for transportation costs for its return. Your refund will be deposited within 20 workdays from the date we receive the returned product/s and if they meet the return conditions specified earlier. Refunds paid to banks other than Piraeus Bank are subject to a surcharge of the respective bank’s commission fees for money orders. It should be made clear that refunds can be claimed only when exercising your right to waiver. If you replace your product with another of lower value, you qualify for a discount coupon of the same  value as the value difference between the returned and the new product. Gift baskets are a unitary product. if returned, they should contain all the foods inside. Individual foods cannot be returned unless they are spoiled. In any event, should you choose any way to return the product other than via courier, you are liable to pay the return fee charged to our company.

10.  Ways of payment

Transactions at our e-shop are protected by means of the latest online security systems, which ensure a safe environment for transactions. 

-Payment by credit card

Electronic services-Credit card information

In our offices, we provide electronic services enabling you to use and charge your credit card. Our office has chosen the safest ways to pay for all available services. It enables the user to directly transfer the charged amount to the company’s bank account or use their credit or debit card on the specially designed Pay Pal platform. In both instances, the user must enter an online payment environment with state-of the-art online security systems of banks or Pay Pal, in order to complete their transaction. In both instances, the transaction and  charging DO NOT OCCUR ON THE WEB ENVIRONMENT of our website, or our office’s website, or indeed on the server our company is hosted by, but only in that of Pay Pal and banks. Thus, any credit card or web-banking information you provide are not made known to us. The confidentiality of your transactions is protected both by the banks and Pay Pal.

-Payment by deposit in a bank account

You can pay for your order in one of the following accounts of collaborating banks

Piraeus Bank Account Number GR2301714010006401146960843


-COD (Cash-on-delivery) payment

For COD payments, the company reserves the right to request an advance fee of 50% of the cost for orders over 200Euro. Should there be any reason why the advance fee cannot be paid please use credit/debit cards.

11. Delivery of Products

The order is dispatched within 1-3 workdays, depending on the location of the client and the time it was placed. The above time does not apply in periods of extreme weather conditions or work strikes, or any other event and condition that can affect delivery times. In such an event, www.HellenicTastes.gr collaborates with courier and transportation companies, to whom it delivers the product on the next day. They undertake delivery to the end customer. If you have a particular preference in any such company not in collaboration with www.HellenicTastes.gr, the transportation costs are paid by you. Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

-Our supplier has not send us the product in time. We will then contact you to ask if you would be willing to have your order delivered without that particular product, or to have us recommend another instead. That product will be sent to you upon its delivery to our storage facilities. 

-The product you requested is no longer available. Among the featured products on our e-shop, there are rare instances when the supplier announces unexpectedly and without warning that they are discontinued. One of our employees will then contact you to present you with all the possible alternatives. 

– In periods of extreme weather conditions or work strikes, or any other event and condition that can affect the delivery of your order.

– In the event that phone and/or email contact with you is rendered impossible (if there is an issue with either the product itself or your payment e.g. the data you have registered with us are not updated)

12. Email Notifications-Newsletters

1) www.HellenicTastes.gr regularly sends e-mail notifications

2) Newsletters may me moved to the SPam Folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there

3)If you do not wish to receive notifications-newsletters or wish to unsubscribe from this service, you can contact us using the website’s contact form.

4) Notifications are sent only if you opt for them and for as long as you wish to receive them. Conversely, we wend you automatically generated email messages regarding the progress of your order. There is no way to deactivate these notifications, which constitute an integral part of receiving the end product. We request that you ensure these messages can reach you and that you store them throughout our transaction. It is your responsibility to promptly notify us in case you do not receive these messages, in accordance with the terms and conditions that govern our transactions. 

The prices are VAT inclusive

13. Links to other sites

www.HellenicTastes.gr may be mentioned or included as a link on other websites. www.HellenicTastes.gr bears no responsibility for the content of those websites. The company cannot guarantee the seamless and secure access to other websites that mention it. Moreover, it is not liable for the services provided by the aforementioned websites. Therefore for any issue that might arise during the user’s visit to these websites, the user should directly contact the operators of these websites, as they are the ones solely responsible for their content and services. 

www.HellenicTastes.gr in no manner accepts or confirms the views, content or services of websites which provide links to www.HellenicTastes.gr or affiliated and collaborating parties or otherwise any relevant information to it.