Delivery of Products

The order is dispatched within 1-3 workdays, depending on the location of the client and the time it was placed. The above time does not apply in periods of extreme weather conditions or work strikes, or any other event and condition that can affect delivery times. In such an event, collaborates with courier and transportation companies, to whom it delivers the product on the next day. They undertake delivery to the end customer. If you have a particular preference in any such company not in collaboration with, the transportation costs are paid by you. Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

-Our supplier has not send us the product in time. We will then contact you to ask if you would be willing to have your order delivered without that particular product, or to have us recommend another instead. That product will be sent to you upon its delivery to our storage facilities. 

-The product you requested is no longer available. Among the featured products on our e-shop, there are rare instances when the supplier announces unexpectedly and without warning that they are discontinued. One of our employees will then contact you to present you with all the possible alternatives. 

– In periods of extreme weather conditions or work strikes, or any other event and condition that can affect the delivery of your order.

– In the event that phone and/or email contact with you is rendered impossible (if there is an issue with either the product itself or your payment e.g. the data you have registered with us are not updated)

Product Returns-Replacements

You reserve the right to return your delivered product within 15 calendar days and ask for its replacement with another product or size. We point out that the dispatch date of the returned product to determine the time elapsed is the one written on the courier’s receipt slip. The return procedure is simple and can take place following telephone contact with us at 6971619987. In short, the replacement procedure is as follows: you dispatch the product to be replaced via courier service without added delivery costs. Upon receipt of the product, we conduct a check to see if it qualifies for replacement. If it does, we send you the new product. The cost of the new product is 5 Euro when delivered by courier and is paid by you. In any event, returned products must be in their original state. This means that: 

a. they should not have any wear and tear and their packaging should be the original

b. they should be in perfect condition (with their box or wrapping)

c. they should be accompanied by all the relevant documents they were first delivered (e.g. Receipt, Invoice etc)

d. for foods, the packaging should be sealedIf the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled, you can send it to us for replacement. If they are not, we reserve the right to decline return. It is noted that returned products must be sent to Kolokotroni 33, TK 57001, Thermi-Thessaloniki via courier and payable by the recipient. Should a client return the product to a different address, there will be a 5Euro additional charge for redirection to the correct address.