Gift baskets with the scent of Greece

Carefully selected combinations of gastronomical choices to offer your loved ones a journey in tastes!

καλάθι δώρων

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Why to choose us

Gifts from earth

In yesteryears, whenever someone visited another to congratulate or wish them well on a joyous occasion, they would offer them gifts of or made by products grown on soil. Oil, tsipouro, fruits in syrup, honey, marmalade and more.

We bring back this good old custom offering you products of high nutritional value, from selected Greek producers, certified and gift-wrapped!

Welcome! Come in!

Greek Products

The products we select for you come from Greek farmers who generate unique flavors, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Certified and packaged, they come from small, selected yields to ensure the highest quality standards that befit them.

Food Packaging

The way we manufacture our gift baskets has two goals; to safely transport the content, but also to make it esthetically appealing, as it is most often a gift.

This artistic view is also predominant in both gift-packaging and gift-wrapping.


High Nutritional Value

The products endorsed by are selected mainly for their high nutritional value.

Grown in soil with minimum processing, they enrich our body with energy and vitality. Enjoy!

Taste Combos

The products selected for our baskets combine tastes and recipes from all over Greece. Different, but from the same Greek motherland and our rich culinary tradition.

From Crete to Thrace, from Peloponnesus to Hepirus, from Sterea Ellada to Macedonia and our islands.

The Zodiac

The culinary preferences of each star sign are varied. They differ in tastes, taste combinations and the degree of contrast among them

Each star sign has its own taste, closely linked to their individual characteristics. Surprise them accordingly..